Technical Writing

The definitive B2B solution for tax claims, grants and proposals

With over 32 years of collective experience in technical writing and financial consulting, our team has worked extensively with grants, proposals and tax claims, having completed hundreds of successful SR&ED, IRAP, FedDev, OIDMTC and other such submissions in nearly every Canadian province and territory. From startups to multinationals, we adapt our approach to minimize the impact on daily operations, while still ensuring a strong submission which can withstand any challenge.

Rather than maintain our own end-client base, we lend our expertise to existing firms with trusted clients, providing a complete, hands-on solution to meet their individual needs, including technical and financial claim preparation, as well as on-site support such as interviewing, data extraction, audit coaching, and documentation review and assistance. Our rate-based, on-demand service frees you from the necessity of training and retaining costly staff or contract writers, while ensuring ongoing reliability and quality. Our established, diverse team enables us to easily scale to seasonal peaks in demand.

Our team's technical education includes Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Data Analytics, and Telecommunications, ensuring that we have the knowledge and understanding to properly capture and present the crucial elements of your clients' efforts and activities, increasingly necessary as the burden for innovation and technological advancement grows with every new claim.

Our services also include general and technical documentation, such as business plans, marketing materials, guides and manuals, ensuring that we can meet all your writing requirements with skill and confidence.

Our clients proudly include

Web Development & Design

ERP and mobile solutions tailored to your business

Our long-term, hands-on experience in web development goes back over 20 years, affording us key insights into the evolution of web technologies across multiple platforms. From legacy systems to the latest responsive frameworks, our full-stack service includes complete frontend, backend and support infrastructure. When paired with our extensive UI/UX skills, we can identify your specific needs, develop a comprehensive plan and deliver complete, all-in-one solutions which grow along with your business.

From the smallest landing pages to the largest ERP systems, we build our systems from the ground up to ensure an ideal fit to your business' needs, without unnecessary bloat and overhead. Our responsive pages adapt automatically to desktops and mobile devices, providing seamless and comfortable user experiences regardless of device or screen size. When embedded within hybrid or web apps, our solutions are nearly indistinguishable from native mobile apps, satisfying any staff, client or end-user needs.

Our clients proudly include

Data Analytics

At the cutting edge of the emerging Big Data industry

With professional education covering the latest advances in big data and predictive analysis, our team can source, munge, analyse and provide meaningful insights into your data using a myriad of tools and programming languages.

Our work includes the following tools and technologies